The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014

The Amazing Spider-Man

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Richard Parker, an Oscorp researcher recorded an audio recording in order to explain the disappearance. Mary, his spouse and Richard Parker escaped in a private plane that was that was hijacked by Oscorp.

Dr. Curt and Mary’s son Peter combat criminals in the role of Spider-Man in the past two years. Gwen and Peter have an uneasy love affair. Harry Osborn, Peter’s childhood friend, is back in Manhattan to meet Norman Oscorp. Norman is killed. Oscorp. Norman is killed and Harry is named the new CEO.

Max Dillon, an Oscorp electrician, gets accidentally shocked when working in an Oscorp laboratory. Dillon is dragged into a lake of genetically engineered electric Eels. Then, he is transformed into an electrical generator. Dillon causes a blackout and Spider-Man is arrested. Dr. Ashley Kafka is an German scientist, who supervises Dillon at the Ravencroft Institute.

Harry starts to see symptoms of the disease. He rely on Norman’s knowledge to determine if Spider-Man could assist him. He detains him from his position as CEO and assumes the management of Oscorp. Harry proposes a agreement with Dillon who is known as “Electro” to try to be allowed back into the Oscorp building. Electro agrees that Kafka is going to be killed. Kafka.

When he returns back to Oscorp, Harry discovers that the venoms from genetically engineered spiders exist. He is then forced to inject the venom in his body by Menken. This increases Harry’s condition and transforms him into goblin-like. Peter then finds Menken’s secret laboratory in the abandoned station of the metro. Peter discovers that Norman has given him an opportunity to investigate biological weapons. He runs away.

Following another blackout, Gwen and Spider-Man regain power back to Electro. Electro’s body is weakened by this and kills him. Harry arrives dressed as Norman the Green Goblin. Gwen is Spider-Man’s identity secret. Gwen is transported to the top by Spider-Man who swears to return the blood transfusion. Peter is now depressed and a bit guilt-ridden.

Harry who was incarcerated at Ravencroft just five months ago and is still battling the consequences. Gustav Fiers visits Harry and talks with Harry about the possibility of making their own team.


The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014) ดิ อะเมซิ่ง สไปเดอร์แมน 2 ผงาดจอมอสูรกายสายฟ้า

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 2014


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