Suspiria 2018

Suspiria (2018) กลัว

Suspiria Susie Bannion, a Mennonite from Ohio is a newcomer to West Berlin at the peak of the German Fall to audition with the Markos Dance Company. Patricia Hingle, another dancer disappears abruptly when she tells Dr. Josef Klemperer that her school’s matrons were group of witches that worship the Three Mothers which is a trio of witches once known as Mother Tenebrarum and Mother Lachrymarum. Madame Blanc, the choreographer and artistic director of Susie, becomes interested in Susie’s dancing after she is introduced to Sara Simms, a wealthy classmate.

Olga Ivanova (Patricia’s friend) accuses the matrons and Patricia of disappearing. She tries to escape the school but ends up locked in a room. in the meantime, Susie dances with Madame Blanc, with Susie’s movements remotely inflicting lethal damage to Olga’s body. The matrons catch Olga with large hooks and then drag her away. They informally elect Mother Helena Markos, an elderly witch who has for a long time reigned over the coven, Blanc as their leader and conspire to use Susie as an incarnation body to Markos. Miss Griffith, a shy matron, later commits suicide.

Blanc is Susie’s protegee, and gives Susie the lead part in the performance of Volks. Klemperer is, however, concerned about the matrons and asks Sara for her help in examining Patricia’s diary. Sara finds a hidden corridor which leads to the Mutterhaus which is where the coven holds its rituals. She takes one of the hooks that are large and brings it to Klemperer while they look into Patricia’s disappearance. The night before the premiere of Volk, Sara returns to the sanctum to find Patricia dead, her body decayed and wrinkled. The matrons search her out prior to the show and discover gaps in the floor. Sara breaks her leg. Sara shows up halfway through the show and is in a state of hypnosis. However, she collapses in pain right before the end of the show. Suspiria HD

While dining out with the matrons to celebrate dancing, everyone is in a trance with only Susie. Klemperer takes the hook and his belongings and then returns to his Dacha in East Germany where the two meet Anke, his missing wife during the time of war. Anke informs Anke that her wife went to Bristol to try to flee the Nazis. The couple walk in tandem and eventually cross the border and back to West Berlin. Klemperer discovers that Anke has disappeared and was taken to the location of the company for the witches’ Sabbath. He is then ambushed and killed by matrons. Susie is taken to the mutterhaus in which she finds the matrons as well as an incapacitated Klemperer and the entranced dancers. Sara, Patricia and Olga are taken out of their bodies to start the sabbath but Blanc is determined to intervene in the ritual. Enraged, Markos attacks Blanc, nearly decapitating her. Susie seems to be able to accept her fate as Markos new vessel. However Mother Suspiriorum appears be there to purify the company from the corrupt Markos. Susie summons the death of Markos and takes out Markos along with her loyal followers.

Olga, Patricia and Sara are buried in Susie’s arms as the remaining students and matrons dance. Klemperer is released, in a state of confusion. Miss Vendegast discovers Blanc alive, and announces Blanc’s exile. Susie is now Mother Suspiriorum visits Klemperer and apologizes for her behavior. Following the time that Anke was taken prisoner by the Nazis She reveals that Anke died at Theresienstadt. Mother Suspiriorum wipes Anke’s memories prior to his departure the camp, which causes him experience seizures. The present residents of the dacha didn’t find a memorialization of Klemperer or Anke’s initials.

In a post-credits sequence, Susie is in the streets of Berlin at night. After staring at the object for quite a while and then reaching out to hold the object in her hands and smiles as she steps away.


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